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West Jersey Title Agency offers timely and accurate title searches with over 50 years experience in real estate abstracting. As a family owned and operated business, we take pride in personal service and building strong relationships with our customers.

What is title insurance?

Our job is to provide you, the new homeowner, with assurance that the property purchased is free and clear of any liens or judgments.

To do so, we thoroughly search and examine municipal, county and state public records. If the search reveals any encumbrances, we work to resolve them prior to your closing.

Unlike most insurance policy types, title insurance provides coverage for past errors or undisclosed claims to the property. It is a one-time fee and covers you for the length of your ownership of the property. Although rare, there are times when claims may arise even after years of ownership. We guarantee coverage for these instances up to the face value of your insurance policy.

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Title insurance is a policy meant to protect home buyers and mortgage lenders from damages or financial losses, caused by title defects.


Title insurance protects your commercial investment from financial loss due to problems with the title. These policies can include specific endorsements such as zoning, access, parking, and survey-related matters.

Property Searches and Examinations

Title examination is a vital step in verifying a property’s eligibility for sale. After the property is under contract, a thorough review of county and state records ensures clear title free from potential issues like competing claims of ownership or debts. Thereby safeguarding the buyer’s interests.

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The public records search

A title search involves a meticulous review of public records, presenting challenges due to varying ways in which liens and judgments on a property may be filed depending on the jurisdiction. Title companies have developed systematic methods, often using extensive databases with consistently indexed data, to streamline and expedite these searches.


What about those search findings?

Title searches do not only reveal liens and judgments; they also provide an overview of various potential concerns. A thorough title search encompasses details about mortgages, street and sewer assessments, taxes, levies, and numerous other factors that could complicate an otherwise smooth transaction. For example, a title search may find no judgments or liens, but uncover special building restrictions which the buyer was unaware of. Or the search may unveil already established easements, such as electric or sewer. Encroachments on neighboring land may also be identified, serving as a warning against potential ownership issues in the future.


What's happening behind the scenes

The behind-the-scenes efforts involved in issuing a title insurance policy often go unnoticed by property buyers and sellers. Title professionals diligently work to eliminate any potential issues such as judgments or liens before issuing a policy, aiming to minimize the financial risk associated with insuring the title.


Invaluable: Peace of Mind!

The information gathered during a title search not only provides reassurance to the buyer about the property they are acquiring but also serves to mitigate the likelihood of future title-related issues. Investing in a title insurance policy becomes a valuable step in safeguarding a substantial investment – your home or business.

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